Denmark Wants to Go Green

We were recently contacted by the Danish Broadcasting Company about doing a documentary on waste oil recovery for their station in Denmark. We were excited about doing this and readily agreed to it. Oliver Skov, their US correspondent, and his camera man flew into Austin and drove up to Jarrell and spent the day filming and talking with us about the environmental impacts of waste oil recycling. I think they were very impressed with what they saw. The idea that waste oil that would otherwise wind up in our lakes and rivers was converted into clean burning bio-diesel was quite exciting to them. They went from here to Houston and spoke with an attorney for some other waste oil collection company who discussed this as a cutthroat business. We would strongly disagree with this. We have a very good relationship with most all of our competitors and have even worked with them on several occasions when they needed help. Danish Broadcasting sent us a link to the broadcast which is included here. Although it is in Swedish, parts of it are in English and they have told us that they will get a translated version to us. The first clip goes directly to the waste oil collection segment and the second link is the full news broadcast. Even if you don’t speak Swedish it is still very interesting.

Clip One:!/12:48

Full Version:!/

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