5 Reasons To Recycle Your Waste Vegetable Oils.

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There are many good reasons to recycle your used cooking oil but we decided to give you a short list of five of the best reasons that you should insure that your oil gets to a rendering facility and doesn’t end up in a drain or the ground.


  1. Oil should never be poured down a drain. Most people know this but it really can cause major problems. Cooking oil and grease that gets poured down drains can build up in the pipes. It’s not pretty. Properly disposing of your cooking oil and other greases helps to prevent a sewage backup in your home. Overflows can pose health and environmental hazards, that can also pollute local creeks and waterways.
  2. Don’t throw it in the trash. While small quantities of oil can be sealed in a tight container and thrown in the garbage it really isn’t proper disposal. Large containers may leak in your trash can and even cause problems down the line at the garbage facility. Why would you want to add to the waste problem when there is a better more earth friendly way?
  3. Do your part for the environment and find the nearest recycling facility. Many cities are making it easier and easier to recycle these oils. They have proven to be a viable resource for eliminating the impact that petroleum based diesels have on our environment.
  4. Help the economy. The Bio-diesel industry is quickly growing. Creating many new jobs and helping to fuel the economy. Pun Intended.
  5. Reduce the U.S. dependence on foreign oils. The more oil that is properly collected and recycled will increase the supply of this renewable resource. We could significantly reduce the need for foreign oil.

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